• Traditional Living Room
  • Light wood bedroom
  • Canopy bed
  • Classic formal living room
  • High end sectional
  • Four post bed
  • Formal bedroom




King's Home Furnishings is unusual even in the realm of high-end furniture retailers in that it specializes in furnishings and accessories, simultaneously elegant, rich, old-world, and casual, for large-scale homes.


In your quest to create an environment where all your ideas and expressions become reality, allow King's Home Furnishings full in-home design professionals to assist you in perfecting your dream home the first time.

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I recently shopped at King's Home Furnishings and was not disappointed...- B.L.King's Home Furnishings Customer


I live in the Newport Beach area and heard about the nice selection at this store so I went there. I happened to go when they were having a big sale so I got a beautiful high-end sofa and love seat and saved a lot of money. The staff is very helpful if you need help with the design of your room. I highly recommend this furniture store. I will definitely go back. Nice selection, high-quality items, and great customer service.

- Rabold10

Undoubtedly one of the best showrooms in Orange County for amazing fine furniture. Go here and see why IKEA makes me throw up.

Open the doors at Kings and enter a time and space when it was important to have class, style--and a hand-crafted atmosphere for your home. You enjoyed sitting on your plush grade 85 fabric that YOU selected to make your guest's knees buckle in awe as you opened the door.

If I am ever unfortunate enough to be trapped in a business during an earthquake--THIS IS THE PLACE. It would actually be kind of nice. I would look at the THOUSANDS of fabric swatches, admire the stunning patterns--and imagine a time when Norma, Vincent Price, Caroline Fulton and my mother would be coming over for tea and a little sneak of Scotch (poured from my crystal flask)........

Appreciate places like Kings and get back into buying REAL FURNITURE--not this plywood, disposable crap.

... and if you have never had the chance to experience true luxury--please stop in and get lost in this place. You buy a sofa here and it is getting passed down to your children......

Stop the disposable insanity and bring class and romance back into the home.

- B.F.